elec calc 3.6 release and its new feature regarding fire prevention

elec calc 3.6 and its new feature regarding fire prevention

elec calc version 3.6

This version, which will be available from 10 March 2015 onwards, will bring updates on catalogs and structural optimizations.

For the Belgium market, a major new feature, takes into account the Royal Decree of 23 April 2013, regarding fire prevention. Click here to read further on the new features and the download terms.

This version elec calc 3.6 available from 10 March 2015 onwards, will bring these changes to catalogs:

  • Update for Hager 2015
  • Update with Siemens 3WL (Air Circuit Breakers)
  • Additions to back-up study tables data in Hager et Siemens
  • Additions to selectivity study tables data in Schneider
  • Cables XFVB-F2 type, from EUPEN for the Belgium market

New manufacturer references for elec calc 3.6


The management of connection to the database is, now, done as and when, the user needs catalog data, as opposed to accessing all data at the launch of the application (this means that there are no more limits to adding catalogs to address users’ demands).

Improvement on the database management, related to the addition of new catalogs: when the software was started, a connection was opened, on all the data folders; now the connection is opened only on the data folders, when needed.

In case of big files (which contain many operating modes, with many loads and feeders systems), the temporary file used to generate the calculation notes, now, only contains the necessary data (so, memory size is optimized).

In the Excel input, a problem with the feeder names input was corrected.

Concerning the norm NF C15-100, this version brings an improvement in the protection search, for the conductors with a reduced neutral.

RGIE (AREI) and respecting the royal decree of 25 April 2013 regarding fire prevention

elec calc 3.6 and fire prevention


A huge evolution has come about in the calculation of voltage drops on vital circuits, keeping account of the temperature rise in case of fire. The user defines the length of the cable that is set to fire, as well as the maximum temperature it will attain in the case of a fire.

This royal decree article 104, which modifies the RGIE {AREI} article 5, deals with new obligations to take measures to ensure fire prevention. It introduces the notion that the vital circuits need to be operational, at least, during one hour of fire outbreak, as well as the obligation to put into place type-F2 cables.

The decree indicates that the voltage drop, in case of a temperature rise, needs to be taken in account, without mentioning any rule how to implement this. However, elec calc lets users perform this study using the definition of the length of the cables, which experiences fire and witnesses the temperature rise during the fire.

Download of the elec calc version 3.6

Download of the version 3.6 is available from 10 March for clients with an active subscription. Just click on this link and enter license & company information: http://forms.trace-software.com/support/fr/upds.asp?product=tci

The catalog updates and the software application update can be downloaded separately:

To request for a quote for an upgrade or for a subscription, write to us at commercial@trace-software.com.

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